LA MOITIÉ HB Pencil - Aquamarine

CHF 2.50
The smooth glide of a freshly-sharpened pencil across a blank page is such a satisfying motion, transforming our thoughts from intangible ideas into physical creations with each stroke. To enhance the experience, we have designed our La Moitié pencils with great thought and care to ensure your creation is always a joy.

The hexagonal barrell HB pencil is made by Viarco, the master pencil producers in Portugal, and features a two-tone design, revealing the natural beauty of varnished wood. The natural hues are complemented by soft aquamarine and gold details.

The modern pencils are part of our carefully curated collection of modern stationery that is designed in Switzerland and made by local or international artisans who specialise in the production of these luxury items.

Pencil Features:
Pencil Size: 18cm long
Pencil Grade: true #2/ HB
Packaging: Tissue and Paper
Designed in Switzerland
Made by Viarco Portugal
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