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Will you send cards this Christmas?
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Will you send cards this Christmas?

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Well... here we are... Christmas time again! 

I LOVE Christmas. Hands down, it has to be one of my favourite times of the year.

I love the warm blinking lights, the sparkly decorations, the building excitement (almost to the point of hysteria) amongst the children, the careful preparation, the party planning and of course choosing and wrapping presents for my friends and family. 

But this year is a bit different isn't it... No big plans or travels. No glittery parties with colleagues, friends or family. That's hard to think about. But Christmas is still here. And it's worth celebrating - no matter how small the gathering might be. 

And this year perhaps more than any other, it feels so important to reach out to the people I love. To tell them just how much I love them, miss them, appreciate them and that I can't wait to be all together again. To pop a few cards in the post is certainly not hard to do. It will simply take just a little bit of my time and thought. Finally, this small effort is well worth it for each person who will receive one and smile.

I hope you all manage to send AND receive some cards this year. This is one Christmas tradition we can all enjoy without compromise!

Better go! I've got to get back to writing them now! :) 

pictured:  Common Modern 'Noël au chalet' cards and gift tags, with patterns inspired by traditional Swiss chalets. Gorgeous baubles by East End Press.